Paleo Orange Chicken

· Make use of 3 tablespoon of fat or coconut oil
· 2 oranges squeeze them for the juice
· 1 lb. Of boneless and skinless chicken thighs- cut into bite sizes
· 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger
· 3 tablespoon of aminos or wheat-free soy sauce
· 1 tablespoon of garlic sauce or you can also use sriracha
· 3 green onions that have already been chopped
Method of Cooking:
Using a medium sized sauce pot, add the orange juice, the coconut aminos, ginger as well as the chilli garlic sauce.
Set over the medium heat and then let it simmer for a while in order to reduce and thicken while the chicken is cooking.
Using a sauté pan, heat the 3 tablespoon of the fat, and then choose medium high heat for proper cooking.
Add the chopped chicken thighs and then cook until it gets a brown crust.

Place the chicken on the sauce pot and then stir in order for the orange juice to sip in the mixture.

The orange juice has to be tasted in the mixture, it has to be mixed well.
Serve the Paleo Orange Chicken with the sliced green onions.

Add some orange juice on the dish or tangerines, and then add some sweeteners according to taste.