Four Things You Need to Know Before Beach Season Hits You Like a Ton of Bricks

Many Sol Sisters are on a never-ending quest to “get it right, get it tight,” especially as the summer propels us full-throttle into bathing suit, poolside reality. If you’re rummaging through last year’s bathing suits and sundresses, don’t worry yourself into a frenzy. Hell, if you’re not your own definition of body beautiful just yet, don't sweat it. We’re all trying to get there, or at least get as fit as we can before summer is officially in full swing.  Here are a few things you can do to get it right, get it tight with a quickness.

ONE: Make a commitment to move your body at least three times a week

Come on! You still have a few good weeks before you legitimately have to shed those bogus sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts that are hiding a few extra pounds. If you join a fun dance class, get with an outdoor fitness crew that welcomes newbies (or those beginning again), or start walking with friends or co-workers, it will get you motivated just in time to hit the beach or enjoy your destination vacay this summer.

TWO: Set a goal to compete in an upcoming race or fitness-related challenge

Whether its a local 5K or an indoor triathlon at your local gym, there are plenty of group activities out there. You can set a goal, train for a race and feel sooooo good about yourself once you reach that milestone, or cross that finish line and have that race bling around your neck. Need some help? Check out the Couch to 5K Running Program on Facebook:

THREE: Make new friends

If your girls are dragging you out for heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails every other night, it's time to make new friends. Socializing frequently around alcohol and fattening foods (which, by the way, often go hand-in-hand), will definitely prevent you from feeling motivated to lighten up and work out.  And you know the saying, misery loves company. It may be time to re-evaluate those friends that don't share your interest in being the best possible version of themselves. We're not suggesting that you kick them to the curb completely. Simply consider connecting with some folks who, like you, have decided to make fitness and living a healthy lifestyle a bigger priority. Which leads us to number four...

FOUR: Get an accountability partner

You know... the kind of accountability partner who will slap the 600 calorie venti S’mores frappuccino out of our hand the moment you walk out of Starbucks. Yes, you will have blown $5.25, but think of the calorie bullet you just dodged! Seriously, an accountability partner should do more than just help you avoid high calories (except on your "cheat day," of course.) We're talking about a friend you can power walk, go swimming, or even take a healthy cooking class with. Chances are she needs your motivation and support just as much as you need hers, so find her and keep her close. She can be just what you need to accomplish numbers one, two and three above.

Remember, It's time to GET YOUR HEART, GET YOUR SPIRIT, GET YOUR SOL! Let's go!