Got Natural Curly Hair? We've Got the Right Paraben Free Products For You!

Bye Bye Parabens Creator, Tracy Riggs

Bye Bye Parabens Creator, Tracy Riggs

Master hair stylist and salon owner, Tracy Riggs, created an exceptional product line that will change the game for women who make wellness and their overall care top priority. 

Bye Bye Parabens is a salon quality hair care system for natural curly hair made with natural and organic ingredients. Discovering these amazing products was like winning first place in the New York marathon or being the last one standing in bootcamp. Truly exhilarating!

Bye Bye Parabens hair care system was created from over 20 years of clinically proven science, innovation, and love for people with natural curly hair. "Parabens are man-made preservatives that have been linked to women with breast cancer," says Tracy. "Parabens have also been linked to skin irritations like dermatitis and rosacea, and can cause allergic reactions in some small children." 

Bye Bye Parabens contain no harmful chemicals (a MAJOR plus) and is one of the most luxurious product lines we've ever tried. The shampoo lathers beautifully. All of the products in the line leave the hair moisturized and amazingly shiny. And have we mentioned that the products smell wonderful?  Ladies, you MUST try Bye Bye Parabens. You will not be disappointed. 

Tracy, a Philadelphia native now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, created Bye Bye Parabens, a family-owned business, because she wants women with natural curly hair to have the versatility of wearing their hair straight or curly. "Women want to have options," explains Tracy. "The product allows a woman to choose her look whenever she wants to." 

Tracy's tips for keeping natural hair healthy and beautiful:

  1. Deep condition your hair for four weeks in a row. Deep conditioning allows you to stimulate your scalp and the sebaceous glands after you shampoo, increasing blood circulation and helping the hair to grow.
  2. Use a hot oil treatment. Bye Bye Parabens Essential Healing Oil Treatment is great for hot oil treatments or you can do an oil rinse, which is shampooing your hair and before you rinse the conditioner out, massage oil into your scalp to the ends and rinse all of the products out together. Editor's Note: Bye Bye Parabens Essential Healing Oil Treatment is AH-MAY-ZING! 
  3. Be sure to see a trained professional and get your ends trimmed properly to maintain healthy hair and hair growth.
  4. Wear your hair straight for at least one month. If you wear your hair natural more than you wear it straight, you want to blow it out for a while to help your sebaceous glands reach the whole strand of hair. 
  5. Use little to no heat. Once you get it straight, avoid flat irons and any type of heat. Wrap your hair, put it in a ponytail or a bun, or just wear it straight so that your oils can build up properly. 

Tracy believes it’s important for women seek a professional stylist to get a proper consultation and understand what types of products are best for our hair. "A lot of women are relying on incorrect information from bloggers and are doing DIY’s at home and tearing up their hair in the process," Tracy explains.  "Many women are also 'co-washing,' which means instead of using a cleanser first to remove product build up, they’re using conditioner to 'shampoo' their hair. It’s important to use a cleanser to clean your hair and scalp. If not, you’ll get product build up that clogs you pores and your hair will not be clean. You want to be sure to use a sulfate free shampoo to not disturb the strands and keep it moisturized." 

Tracy is incredibly knowledgeable about hair care and one of the most passionate stylists and product experts in the business.

To purchase Bye Bye Parabens or order a sample kit, visit the website:

Feel free to reach out to Tracy via email: She’s happy to answer any questions you may have about the health of your hair and Bye Bye Parabens Natural Hair Care System.

You can also listen to Tracy's 'Behind The Chair: All Things Hair Radio' on Soundcloud for tips on caring for your hair.