Get Your Spirit. Get Your Heart. Get Your Sol.

Whether you have a goal of being happily single or happily married with children, or dream of becoming a pace leader on the marathon course, a calming force in the yoga studio or a powerhouse in the boardroom—we are all chasing the sun, metaphorically speaking. But how many of us have the proper focus, encouragement and tools to "reach" the sun? And once we get there, how do we surround ourselves with positive energy that propels us forward?

Get Your Sol is an inspired lifestyle, wellness and fitness destination for women created by Leslie Gordon. We encourage women to get up off of the couch and begin again—even if its for the 100th time. We encourage women to love ourselves with reckless abandon. 

Here you'll find thought-provoking articles on fitness and nutrition, celebrity features, wellness destinations, nuggets of wisdom and oceans of inspiration. We share delicious nutrition tips, healthy recipes and video cooking demonstrations. We highlight women who illumine the lives of other women and the community.

We encourage you to push yourself to be the best possible version of yourself. We give you a proverbial hug and inspire you to start anew when you've fallen short. Get Your Sol will make you laugh your butt off. It will make you cry that ugly cry. You know, that ugly cry—the one that overcomes you when you’re on the verge of discovering something profound about the light that lives inside your heart. It will make you think. It will make you dig deeper than you ever have before.

Get Your Sol is a woman-centric community that demonstrates workouts to help you target key areas. We explore the psychology of making choices that will benefit you long-term, and make you think about the big picture.  We share information about great products, resources and gear that power your healthy lifestyle and keep you focused. Ultimately, we want you to be enlightened, empowered and encouraged to be a woman with dreams who isn't afraid to chase the sun.