Tulum Mexico's Amansala Resort - Your Sol Awaits

Ready to escape the madness? Hop on a flight to the Mayan Riviera. Prepare to lose your stress and find your sol.

If you're seeing double from staring at your computer screen for hours at a time or you've been serving the needs of every single self-absorbed member of your family while you neglect yourself, it's time to wave the white flag and book a destination vacation with your girlfriends to one of the most serene eco-chic resorts you'll ever find. 

Amansala Resort is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Tulum, Mexico. Famous for the spectacular Mayan ruins, clear turquois water and white sandy beaches, Tulum is a relatively undiscovered eco-friendly paradise. At Amansala, you will find vacation perfection---from the chic, spacious rooms to the incredible beaches---you won't want to leave.

Daily fitness board at Amansala's Bikini Bootcamp

Daily fitness board at Amansala's Bikini Bootcamp

If you're up for it, you should consider Amansala Resort's Bikini Bootcamp, a tune up for the mind, body and spirit. The bikini bootcamp is the perfect way to combine relaxation with as much or as little soul-igniting fitness as you care to do. It is an adventurous fitness and yoga holiday that will send you home looking and feeling better than when you arrived. The Amansala staff and owner, Melissa Perlman, cater to your every need and the meals composed of the freshest local fish, fruits and vegetables, prepared daily by the in-house chefs give you delicious, clean energy that fuel your workouts or your me time on the beach. Truly the best of both worlds.

The program is designed to help guests reconnect to themselves and nature through a combination of exercise, healthy eating, adventure, yoga, relaxation and pampering. There are so many activities that you can take part in from bike rides to the breathtaking Mayan Ruins to snorkeling in a crystal clear fresh water pond, from high-intensity Zumba classes to calming yoga sessions, you need to drop what you're doing, call your girlfriends and book your vacation today. Check out: http://bikinibootcamp.com. Your Sol awaits.